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A. Seitz

As a school of predominantly white students and staff it is important that we remember and recognize the history and cultures of minorities that often don't get their voices heard. 

We are taught in school that we celebrate Thanksgiving for the way that the Native Americans and the Pilgrims sat down to share a meal together to represent these two cultures bonding. We are taught that we celebrate Columbus Day because he discovered America and it led us to where we are now. 

Although we know some information regarding Indigenous peoples of North, Central and South America, we often don't learn the true hardships they faced. It may be because our school system lacked informing us of these cruelties, or we simply chose not to educate ourselves on these issues. 

The hope of these articles is to compile a basis of facts with a direction of opinion. It is not my intention to speak over the voices of these minorities, but to create a platform to help elevate their voices to a new audience.  

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A. Seitz