Bright and Beautiful: Prom 2023

Starry nights and bright lights fill the sky as CHS’s prom roars to life. From ball gowns to tuxes, CHS’s class of 2023 and 2024 rock the latest trends. Sunglasses, acrylic nails, and bright colors are all the eye can see. Having the perfect dress or tux is one of the key factors to a successful prom. Coming-of-age movies have made all teenagers believe prom is the “night of nights,” which is why it’s important to show up confident with your fashion choices.

CHS upper-class men know how to walk with the stars on the dance floor and reach for the stars in the bouncy house.

Juniors Trilian Krug and Marah Putnam rock the Photo Booth posing with crowns, fedoras, and feathery boas. Krug rocks an ocean blue ball gown with bright rhinestones as she dances the night away. Putnam brings life to the party with her rainbow-colored dress paired with a red fedora to pose in the Photo Booth.
Junior Clara Fredenberg and Sam Gibson pose gracefully under the stars at prom! Fredenberg rocks a handmade sparkly gold ball gown as she laughs and smiles the night away. Fredenberg can also be credited with crafting Gibson’s tie to match. The pair look beautiful as they present a show-stopping look that blows away the crowd.
Senior Phoebe Harris dazzles as she rocks a ruby red ball gown with sparkles, beads, sashes, and flowers in her hair. Everything and more was whipped up into one dress that Harris absolutely loves. Bright red is a bold and beautiful color that has to be worn with the right attitude, which is exactly what Harris does, turning heads and making waves.
Seniors Mary Jordan, Brooklyn Nichols, and Elise Rosolowski reach for the stars in the bouncy house! Jordan can be seen laughing in a navy blue ball gown with a beautiful gold beaded bodice as Nichols jumps in a black and gold ball gown. Rosolowski is taking it all in with her purple and black classy evening dress smiling and laughing!
Junior Ava Seitz smiles brightly as she relaxes and eats amazing cookies under the tent! Seitz sports a baby blue ball gown complete with ruffles and a sparkly skirt. After taking pictures of students all night, Seitz smiles for her picture where she showcases her amazing fashion choices.