It Was a Great Run: Chelsea Boys Hockey 2022-2023 Season


The Chelsea boys varsity hockey season has come to an end but pushing aside their loss, the Bulldogs came out of the rink with a better mentality and a determination to increase their skills moving forward.

Before the season started, the team hosted a summer league and played games with everyone before holding tryouts for the varsity squad. This helped the coaches get a good look at the players and for the players to get a feel for the team. Along with the new season, the team welcomed lots of new faces to the roster. 

“It was great being able to experience what varsity was like even before I was on it,” freshman Lucas Milne said regarding summer practice. 

For the Chelsea Bulldogs, new people on the team meant meeting new people and potentially interacting with people from different classes.

“I enjoyed getting to know new people I wouldn’t normally be around,” junior Elias Russel said. 

New experiences with the team allowed them to get closer as a unit on and off the ice. Knowing who you’re playing with is a crucial part of how the Dawgs win their games. Aside from knowing themselves, the team also needs to know their opponent, and being familiar with their competition is key in competition.

“We watched lots of film, both on ourselves and the team we were going against,” Jacob Singer (’23) said.

Preparation was something that the team valued and didn’t take lightly. To be ready for any competition, watching films and becoming familiar with their opponents were tools the team commonly used.

Despite not making it as far into the season as they had wanted to, they are still focused on growth and are getting ready for the seasons to come.