Lauren Thompson’s Take on Tech


Thompson shows off her handmade 70’s pants

We take them everywhere. We keep them in our pockets. We check them obsessively. In fact, many students state that, after checking their screen time, they spend around three hours or more on their phones each day. 

Individually, you probably don’t think too much of your own technology use, but a certain student at Chelsea High School feels that there’s more to life than scrolling through social media and does her best to minimize her screen time. 

“I just like doing things that aren’t technology,” sophomore Lauren Thompson said. “I am very interested in history and for most of it, we didn’t have technology. So it’s kind of cool to not be on my phone all the time.” 

Thompson’s aversion to scrolling in her free time could be said to derive from her love for all things history, which she sees herself doing as a future career. 

“I want to be a historian and work at the Henry Ford museum,” Thompson said.

Overall, Thompson doesn’t use too much technology. If she’s watching a show she’s on PBS and if she’s listening to music, she’s got her CDs, records, and her car radio. 

“I like listening to records, which I guess is technology but it’s like, older technology,” Thompson said. 

Despite not using it very often, a cell phone is not unheard of to Thompson. She does have one and does use it just as everyone else does: to check in with her friends, to look things up, and to use social media. However, the difference between Thompson and many other users is what she uses social media and tech for.

“I use technology like Instagram to get ideas for stuff I want to do,” Thompson said. “I think it’s important to actually do the things and not just look at them on Instagram or TikTok.”

Creativity is a big part of what fuels Thompson to do things other than spend time on her phone. Mixing with her love for history, Thompson finds sewing projects to fill her time.

“I’ve done a lot of really big sewing projects like dresses and stuff,” Thompson said. “I made a pair of pants that I really like from a vintage 70s pattern that I got for Christmas.” 

Though many may think Thompson is a bit odd for how she spends her time, Thompson seems quite content with her sewing patterns and history books. 

“I just want to be happy,” Thompson said. “[I recommend that everyone] find creative things that make you happy.”