Why Do We Have to Listen When Other Schools Don’t?

At Chelsea High School, we take SEC rules very seriously when it comes to student sections at sporting events. Over 2022 and 2023, however, Chelsea has taken it to the next level, calling multiple meetings about what students are not allowed to do or say during sporting events. 

The spectator expectations have had some changes these past years. One of the many new rules states that student sections are not permitted to have electronic noise makers including speakers, microphones, or megaphones. Along with electronic noise-makers, students cannot bring signs or whiteboards anymore.

Many Chelsea students are frustrated and confused with the new rules. After all, the items pointed out by the Chelsea administration have never been issues in the past.

During the meetings held at CHS, Athletic Director Wayne Welton was very clear that if a student (or students) continue direct communication towards a certain player (i.e. cheering, insulting) in a disrespectful way, an issue recently pointed out by the administration, they will be asked to leave. 

As a student attending sporting events, I have noticed other high schools have not been as “into” the SEC’s new rules as Chelsea. Just recently, at a basketball game, Chelsea students were in the stands following the new rules while the opposing team was able to say and do whatever they wanted. 

I’ve also observed similar situations at football games as well as hockey. The Chelsea students now sit in silence, aside from our “nice” cheering, while the other team’s section has a blasting speaker, a megaphone, and a bunch of signs that supposedly violate the rules, however, no one approached them. 

Part of being in high school should be the fun, dramatic, intense games. All students and players know the yelling and shouting are just for fun and don’t take it too seriously. High school games are also against other schools in the same county and many students know most of the opposing players and like to mess around with them.

With the new SEC rules being so strictly implemented in Chelsea, students are prevented from shouting out their friends, making noise for a good score, and doing the little things that make the environment of high school games exciting and fun. Simply put, administration needs to strike a balance between following the rules and fun or they may find themselves facing empty bleachers and cheering that barely rises above a whisper.