Springing into Theater


Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was the CHS Theater Guild. Working hard throughout the year to perfect acting and backstage skills, the Theater Guild puts time and energy into all their productions. Coming up this spring, the Theater Guild is working on bringing their new show stopper, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” to life this April as the spring play. 

The Theater Guild has already found their actors early this February and they are ready to take on the challenge of having every element perfect before the final performance including set build, costumes, and makeup.

“We [pick] up in early March,” Eva Brenner (’24) said. “[That] is when we really go in and act it out.”

Although it may seem like a late start, the Theater Guild has begun much of their work early. They have after-school workshops and courses to learn new skills such as stage combat and wig styling to make the program more well-rounded. Many enjoy these workshops and find them fun and helpful.

“We’ve had these courses every two weeks,” Brenner said. “Our instructors set them up and it’s something new. We go after school and I just like that it’s been able to keep us all in touch while there’s this waiting period between productions.” 

Aside from the upcoming production, the cast and crew are also looking forward to the small celebrations they have after performances.

“We have cast parties after the performances and we will all meet up,” Brenner said. “Last time we went to a parking lot, got fast food, and sort of joked around.” 

 No matter whether during a performance or out and about, Theater Guild always will have their rightful place on the stage.