Ready For Rivalry: CHS Hockey VS Lumen Christi


A worthy opponent. The Bulldogs get ready and warm up for a strong fight against the Lumen Christi Titans.

The Chelsea varsity hockey team is a force to be reckoned with as they are known to dominate most of the teams they play against. However, Lumen Christi, a team not too far behind the Dogs in the rankings, gave them a real fight during their game last Friday. 

Since the hockey team knew they were going to be playing a stronger rival, they knew they had to put forth some of their best efforts. The team was dedicated to keeping their win streak going especially since it was their senior night. 

“I knew that as a team we had to bring more, it’s a big game and it was senior night,” senior Jack Roberts said.

Tensions were high as the game began, and the crowd was full of emotion making the game rise in intensity with many spectators making it clear they were upset about the calls made by the referees.

Despite the tensions, Chelsea kept their head in the game and put up a strong fight. In the last minute, the Bulldogs were up by one before Lumen Christi tied it up with just seconds left. The teams were given eight minutes of overtime, and Chelsea ended up with an outstanding victory and a score of 4-3 due to a pivotal rebound goal.

“I thought we played well and did what we needed to do to get the win,” junior Kyle Valik said.

Overall the team found that they played well, and almost everyone who went to watch the game could agree. However, there were some concerns about the rowdiness of the crowd.

“It was crazy,” junior Gabriella Burgess, a spectator at the game, said. “All of the parents were fighting and screaming and all of the employees of the rink were running around.”

The situation in the stands made the game more action-packed than most this season. Although hockey isn’t known for its soft and friendly crowds, most fans were surprised about the chaos and even more shocked that the cops had to get involved. 

“Two cop cars showed up and many of the Lumen Chrisi parents were leaving complaints about the Chelsea kids who were there and how they ‘acted inappropriately,’” Burgess said.