More than a Portrait


The history of greatness. Chelsea’s academic hall of fame hoinors achievers from 1996 to present day.

Who’s next? Every month, an exceptional student is selected out of the student body to receive the Student of the Month award, which honors students’ hard work and recognizes their achievements.

“This previous month was from our physical education department,” CHS Principal Nick Angel said. “They recognized Sarah Capper (‘23) as our Portrait of a Graduate Student of the Month.”

Teachers in every department, from English to math, must together come up with only one student to recognize, from the hundreds of students that they teach each year.

“We didn’t want the perception that we chose the student of the month and it be the quarterback of the football team,” fitness coach Todd Bloomquist said. “That’s not the perception that we want because it’s not the reality. The reality is, this space is serving a lot of kids, athletes, non-athletes, football players, tennis players, males, females, etc. That’s what we want. This isn’t reserved for anybody. This is a space for everybody.” 

Everyone in the district is part of a community and communities have to do not only recognize the main event, and the award, but also the work behind the scenes. After all, students aren’t the only ones who receive awards for their work.

“Anybody who works in the Chelsea schools can be recognized once a month,” Angel said. “Here at the high school, Robin Prodin who was one of our paraprofessionals and Heather Hugg, who’s a math teacher, have been recognized.”

Many teachers across the Chelsea School District have been recognized by their peers and as well as students through this award. Chelsea has a unique way of appreciating their students and staff but this award is not necessarily a universal thing. 

“I think schools all have different ways of celebrating and telling the story of students and staff,” Angel said. “I think it’s really important that whatever that may be, if there’s a Student of the Month or whatever…it [needs to] champion their students and their staff.” 

Student of the Month will continue into the future of the Chelsea School District and community to provide a way of acknowledging student and staff achievements and hard work.

“It allows us to tell the story about the amazing students and staff that we have,” Angel said.