Only For High School: Lucas Racine’s Wrestling Career


Lucas Racine (‘24) taking stance over opponent at Northville.

Junior wrestler, Lucas Racine, has spent most of his life wrestling. He started in the 4th grade because he wanted to “try something new” and has stuck with the sport into his junior year.

With Racine’s great efforts in wrestling, his highest/best score is a fifteen-point victory. Very recently, Racine has been mentioned for his great work and is roughly one of the top three on the team with a current record of 23-2. 

“My favorite move would be the firemans carry, [it’s] a five point move,” Racine said.

Although he has a clear talent for the sport, Racine doesn’t plan to play in college despite considering wrestling his senior year. There are a lot of ups and downs to being a college athlete and Racine isn’t sure if he’s looking to continue. 

“I’m still on the fence about senior year,” Racine said. “I want to stay on the team as a good memory for myself but I dont think it’s worth it for how much work you put in.”

Even if Racine may not wrestle in his senior year, he’s still making the most out of his current season and putting forth his best efforts.

“This season has been pretty good so far,” Racine concluded. “It’s been hard, I’ve been acknowledged, but I still don’t know if I will be playing my senior year.”