Athlete Spotlight: Tyson Hill


Tyson Hill #24 (Photo Credits: MLive)

As the clock winds down on a cool Friday night, the bright lights hit the field and Tyson Hill (‘24) runs down the field as the Chelsea Bulldogs get ready to start their game.

Football is a huge part of Hill’s family. His older brother Nick Hill played football at Michigan State University and his other older brother, Trent Hill, is playing at Ferris State University. Hill got the opportunity to play with his Trent Hill last year–which is an experience not a lot of people get to have. 

“Just competing with him and having fun and trying to take him to the ground,” Hill says. “I’m not going to miss him taking all the reps though. It was just cool to be around him in this way and get to play with him.”

Even though Hill never got to play with his oldest brother Nick Hill, he is still someone to whom Hill has always looked up.

“My older brother Nick Hill played at Michigan State when I was really young,” Hill said. “He definitely influenced me to play football, play running back, and work hard to get where I want.” 

Hill plans on trying to play college football. He doesn’t know exactly where yet, but it is one of his goals. 

“I’m not the tallest or the fastest and that’s what they look for,”  Hill said. “But I definitely feel like I could play at the next level.”