Jackson Underworld: The Chilling Review


It’s that time of the year again, it’s spooky season! And that can only mean one thing: it’s now the perfect moment to hit the road on a chilly Friday night to one of the most popular Halloween attractions: a haunted house.

The terrifyingly popular haunted attraction Jackson Underworld stands as a four-story building that was built on the grounds of a former Civil War hospital. From 1909 to 2009, it served as a chemical company, tractor and tank parts manufacturer, and furniture store.

Now transformed into a haunted house, the building that houses the Jackson Underworld has been turned into a forty-five-minute-long journey through various halls and rooms within the building, each depicting a separate scene. All such scenes included props, special effects, makeup, and much more to create a sense of realism during the spooky experience. For example, in an area depicted as a grandma’s house, they used salvaged clothing that smelled and looked as if an elder occupied the space. Another example is when there was a setting of a funeral or funeral home where they used actual caskets and real flowers, plus even a real-life stretcher that carried the coffin.

The actors involved with the Jackson Underworld events spend around seven hours at each event playing their haunted characters. They push through the hard-days-work scaring people of all ages, but their acts never get dull or sloppy in any way. Even if you’re the last group pushing through the haunting trip, they still give it their all no matter what.

Although it costs $25 per person in your group, it’s worth it. The staggering one-and-a-half miles of terror is horrifying at its finest, and you won’t regret spending any amount of money after you walk out the exit door.