SAGA Club, Fighting for Acceptance


Nothing feels better than making a difference, and SAGA Club is the perfect place to do something that has a positive impact. With its inclusive and supportive members, SAGA Club is the perfect place to make new friends, spread awareness, and make a difference.

SAGA club does many different things around the school every year, but currently, they are focused on ensuring that their advertisements get out.

“Right now we’re working towards spreading and making sure people know about us,” junior Gabriella Burgess said.

SAGA Club’s main goal is to work on spreading LGBTQIA+ awareness and acceptance around Chelsea High School by gaining support from staff, students, and the School Board. They work towards these goals in their club meetings which take place once a week in the counseling office. 

“At a club meeting we typically go over what we did in previous weeks, and what we’re going to do in the weeks to come,” Burgess said. 

SAGA club member shows their pride

Members of SAGA do many different things around the school to raise awareness and support for their club. Currently, at club meetings, they have started to brainstorm fundraising ideas.

 “We are currently planning to do a bake sale to raise money for our projects,” Wen Braman (‘26) said. “We keep a Google Doc of all the things we want to do”.

Apart from fundraising, SAGA also makes an effort to get support from teachers and members of the School Board.

“We are working on talking to the board members,” Burgess said.

Members of the SAGA club want everyone to know that they have open arms when it comes to welcoming new members. 

“I just want people to know that anyone can join,” Burgess said.