Show Review: Euphoria Season 2


The second season of Euphoria has finished, leaving fans with a suspenseful setup for a recently confirmed and anticipated season three of the incredibly popular show.

The second season of Euphoria has displayed some of the best acting, directing, and writing that the entertainment industry has to offer right now; including a stellar cast with actors like Zendaya (Rue Bennett), Sydney Sweeney (Cassie Howard), and Jacob Elordi (Nate Jacobs) who really steal the show with performances that captivate viewers.

The second season of the show continues the first season’s story right off the bat, and the characters that needed a bit more exploration in that first season are given backstories and depth within the first few episodes of the second season.

The situations that the characters are in—whether it be heavy drug addiction or a complicated love triangle—only get more and more intense as the season goes on. This constant escalation leads up to a huge drop in the season finale, where everything that has been built up throughout the first and second seasons comes tragically crashing down around the main characters.

The storylines in Euphoria are complex, various, and unpredictable with huge differences in each one allowing for the show to play with different genres when need be.

The various creative choices made in Euphoria allow for a show full of abrupt aesthetic and style changes that keep things interesting for its viewers. The camera work, music, and editing all mix together to create a certain vibe that no other show can match.

However, viewer discretion is advised. Season 2 of Euphoria can be horrifying at times and sometimes feels as if it shouldn’t have been set in a high school setting due to the very dark storylines being explored throughout the show—which may have fit better with an early adult/college time in these characters’ lives. The creators of the show know this just as well, being that there is a warning for strong graphic content before every episode begins.

Season 2 of Euphoria doesn’t finish but continues the riveting story that showcases the incredible (if dark) storytelling ability as well as fantastic acting. If viewers wish to have the full Euphoria experience, they will want to check out the second season of the show.