Career Path: Amanda Happy


People inside and outside of school know Amanda Happy (’22) as a very selfless, caring, and talented person. Passionate about her own singing/instrumental abilities, Happy has always looked up to pop stars in the music industry since she was young and dreamed of being a famous singer.

“As someone who has always had a passion for music, I’ve always held the cliche dream of becoming a pop star, ” Happy said. “After I grew up a bit, my unrealistic dreams faded away, and I became passionate about helping those less fortunate than myself. Holding onto that passion, I had intentions of working my desires into any type of career I could.”

Moving away from her childhood dream, Happy has crafted a different career path for herself in her newfound passion for fitness and food nutrition. Not only is the study interesting for Happy but she will be able to help others who are struggling with the balance between their everyday lives and staying healthy.

“After growing to care deeply for my physical health, I’ve quickly noticed the changes within my mental health and the motivation that has been brought to me in my everyday life as a result,” Happy said. “Helping others find this type of love and motivation within themselves is something that is really inspiring to me.”

Even though she has a set plan for her career, Happy has been very indecisive about where she’d like to study fitness and nutrition.

“Even just through my college applications, I changed my major multiple times,” Happy said. “Though currently, I believe Nutritional Science is the right career path for me, I wouldn’t be surprised if I changed my major. I’m going to grow and learn, and so will my dreams and desires, and that’s okay.”

Happy firmly believes in the philosophy that as we grow as people, we are constantly changing to better ourselves, and that is perfectly normal.

“You don’t have to know everything right now,” Happy said. “Sure, having a headstart is great, but most people going into college don’t know what they want to do. Even if they think they might, most college students end up changing their major a few times. It’s okay not to know because you will figure it out, everyone does.”