CHS Student to Assistant Principal: Luman Strong


As a CHS alumni and current Assistant Principal of Chelsea High School, Dr. Luman Strong tries his best to have a positive impact on the school and community every day.

“I saw the school system as a place that offered immense opportunities to overlap with people,” Strong said. “I wanted to be talking to, working with, engaging with people… the school offered the best place for that.”

After moving around and living in many different states, Strong has learned that few places have what Chelsea has in terms of community, resources, and people.

“I’ve learned how to talk to all sorts of people. Each person is unique, whether an adult or student,” Strong said. “Each person needs something different from the conversation and I’ve become skilled in seeing that and meeting needs through conversation.”

Working in a high school is not an easy job. Just like anything in life, it has its ups and downs. Being an assistant principal can be incredibly challenging, but Strong finds many ways to see the positive sides of his job.

“Every day is different, but the best part is the constant connection with people,” Strong said. “I get to have conversations and work with students in helping prepare for life after high school.”

When it comes to the future of Chelsea High School and its students, a large focus for Strong is preparing students for life beyond high school and the knowledge teachers can provide. One of the best things any good staff member can do is positively impact a student’s life, and help them prepare for the world.

“Run with your passion,” Strong said. “Too many fall prey to simply landing a job that pays good money. While earning a solid paycheck is necessary, the world truly needs our graduates to contribute in the areas in which they have passion and skill. Do what you love to do.”