Culver’s Replaces Big Boy


A new Culver’s restaurant has opened up in Chelsea, Michigan. Many community members have been blown away by the amount of business that it has pulled in for a chain restaurant in a small town but it turns out that may be for a reason.

“I really like the Culver’s in town, I think they have good food and people there,” Robert Sutch (‘22) said. 

The Culver’s staff is incredibly nice, always ready to help with a smile. 

“I think they have a positive impact on the community because of all the business they get and lots of kids love to go there after school,” Sutch said. 

Before it was replaced by Culver’s, a Big Boy restaurant occupied the lot. Many were sad to see the Big Boy go, but more were excited about the new addition. 

“It is good that we have the Culver’s but I do miss the Big Boy that was there,” Kyli Milliken (‘22) said.

The Big Boy had occupied the lot since 1978, which made the transition to a new restaurant a little bittersweet for many who had good memories associated with the restaurant. 

“I would rather have Culver’s, but the Big Boy was a nice place for breakfast,” Milliken said. 

All in all, Culver’s is a great addition to the town. Chelsea is excited for a new place to go to for a good meal and a huge menu full of great options. 

“Culver’s [a great place to] go after school,” Milliken said. “Personally, I love their chicken tenders!”