A Dive into Diversity Club


The Diversity and Social Awareness club meets every Thursday from three to four in room 216. They discuss topics that educate other members about the importance of diversity in society.

Diversity Club has started making a comeback after fizzling out during the lockdown of 2020, it is now open and ready to accept new members.

“Literally just show up,” member Juliana Banotai (‘22) said.

Banotai helped to restart the club along with Ellie McGlashen (‘22) and Kelsey McGregor (‘22). The club was founded a few years ago by a group of students who Wanted to prioritize diversity among the student body. They managed to get the backing of English Teacher Adam Schilt to start the club again.

“The group wanted a club focusing on diversity,” Banotai said. “One of the main people pushing for it was my brother, Nathan Banotai (‘21). Mr. Schilt was originally the advisor but after a year Mrs. Kurcz became the advisor instead.”

Today, the club is working to educate members about the importance of diversity and social awareness so that they can help bring the community new perspectives.

“It’s a way to help people expand their horizons and listen to different viewpoints,” Banotai said. “We also promote working in collaborative environments in a way that’s fun, inviting, and educational.”

The Diversity and Social Awareness club is mainly student-led; the students help set conversation topics through presentations to allow for in-depth discussions.

“I think that people should join the club because it’s a really good opportunity to hang out, meet new people, and discuss things that are relevant to making society better right now,” McGlashen said.