Movie Review: Dune


Sci-fi fans are buzzing about the newest movie adaption of the book Dune that was released this October.

People were quick to buy tickets not only because of the classic recreation, but also because of the stunning cast. Fan favorites included Timothée Chalamet starring as Paul Atreides, Zendaya as Chani, Jason Momoa as Duncan Idaho, and many other familiar faces.

Dune is a classic novel published in 1965 by Frank Herbert followed by eight other books for the series.

Dune takes place over 8,000 years in the future in an alternate society where different noble houses are in control. The story follows the life of Paul Atreides, heir to the House of Atreides. Atreides has to travel to Arrakis, a dangerous planet, to ensure the wellbeing and future of his people. When malevolent forces erupt into conflict over Spice, an important resource for interstellar travel, only the bravest can survive.

When watching Dune, the first thing I noticed was the amazing cinematography. Everything was so clear and I felt like I was witnessing it in person. Not only was it clear, but the editing and the CGI were so realistic you’d think that even the giant sandworms were real.

At first, it was a little hard to understand what was going on, which is a personal pet peeve of mine. Some people may feel differently, but I prefer to know what’s going on right away; however, I’m sure if you read the book beforehand, it might be easier to understand. Luckily, it started to pick up after the first ten minutes and I got a better understanding of what was happening.

When they traveled to the Arrakis, I loved how they showed the contrast from their home planet to the new one and how out of place they felt. This was shown not only in the setting but in the wardrobe. You could definitely tell how the clothing, as small a factor as it may seem, had an impact on the story. It discreetly showed how the characters adopted their environment or who they were culturally.

As someone who isn’t really into sci-fi, I was surprised that Dune kept on my toes and wondering about what was going to happen next. Especially as a Timothée Chalamet fan, I was not disappointed. He did a great job of expressing his emotions and the conflicts he faced as the main character. During any scene where he was experiencing conflict, he didn’t hold back, making it feel like I was watching the scene right in front of me.

For old fans and new fans, it’s exciting to hear that Dune; Part Two is already in the works and will be appearing on-screen on October 20, 2023. I’m so excited to see what it will bring to the Dune universe.