Beach Undergoes Renovations


Beach Middle School underwent renovations this past summer. The school had been under construction for months, but it’s new and improved renovations are now done and ready to be used.

“We have all new student desks, chairs, tables and work collaboration stations, which have been great,” principal Nick Angel said.

Many of the interior additions were made to help strengthen the school’s extracurricular programs. For instance, new lights, curtains and speakers were added to the auditorium for the drama program and a new STEAM corridor was built for the school’s science department.

“We also built two new art classrooms and two new engineering rooms,” Angel said. “Those are pretty amazing as well.”

Many of the changes made were in the interest of students’ safety.

“We did not previously have double locking doors at the middle school, so we do have a secure vestibule now,” Angel said.

Beach middle school continues to make their students’ learning experience a priority by doing whatever they can to benefit not only the students, but the staff as well.