Chelsea Athlete Turned Coach: Adam Taylor


Credit @CHS_squat on twitter

Adam Taylor, more commonly referred to as A.T., is one of the top reasons Chelsea athletics is so successful.

A Chelsea native, Taylor is no stranger to the Chelsea way in high school.

“I was born and raised [in Chelsea],” Taylor said. “I went to Chelsea High School. I was away for about 11-12 years, then came back to finish school at EMU. There was a job opening here and I was lucky enough to get a PE teaching job.”

Though he is now an athletic coach, he used to be an athlete himself.

“I did football, wrestling, and baseball in high school, and then in college I played baseball,” Taylor said.

From there he knew he wanted to use his knowledge and experience to teach others how to become champion athletes.

“I want the kids in Chelsea to be successful,” Taylor said. “PE is a passion of mine, and seeing our kids from Chelsea succeed is hyper.”

Athletes that go through his class not only get stronger, but learn how to work hard and motivate themselves.

“He’s not hesitant to give us feedback when we need it; he’ll let us know if we’re doing something wrong,” Peter Fredenberg (22) said. “There were times I worked out with him over the summer where I thought I was done with the workout, and I thought that was all I could give, but then he pushed me to do even more.”

With the edition of the new weight room, A.T. believes that safe conditioning will be much easier for students to attain.

“I think that it’s the best one in the state,” Taylor said. “It’s surreal. In many regards our kids here at Chelsea are very fortunate.”

He plans on being at Chelsea for a while longer, hoping for Chelsea to win many more state championships.

“As long as they’ll have me [at Chelsea],” Taylor said. “I want to continue to try to be a part of the success that the school has academically and athletically.”