Artist Spotlight: Lindsay Favre


Inspiration isn’t just handed to artists; they devote time and energy to find their ideas, and Lindsay Favre (‘24) is no exception. She enjoys taking her time to think in-depth about what she’ll put down on the canvas.

“I’ll use a whole day brainstorming or sometimes it just comes naturally,” Favre said. “Sometimes I get ideas in advance and postpone using them until I feel the time is right.”

It isn’t that it takes longer to think of the ideas, it’s that Favre likes to put more thought and feeling into them. Favre uses music and commotion to put feelings into her paintings.

“I like all the noise,” Favre said. “It makes me feel like I am in the place that I’m painting. Music influences my emotions, and that affects the mood of my paintings.”

Favre, like every artist, knows what works for her and what doesn’t. Favre’s preferred art medium is paint because she finds it easier for her to express herself using it.

“I like painting more than pencils and paper,” Favre said. “I enjoy waiting for it to dry. I always go back to painting. It’s just the most fun for me.”

Favre isn’t the only person in her family who enjoys painting, her mother does as well, so Favre’s love for painting stems from her childhood.

“My mom went to art school,” Favre said. “She loves to paint.”

Favre uses art to express the world through her eyes, putting much more time and energy into it than people realize.

“Art is something purposeful,” Favre said “It can be full of accidents but it has a piece of your emotion and soul tied to it. It’s an expression of yourself that you clearly put thought into it.”