Movie Review: Soul


Soul, a Disney movie starring Jamie Fox and Tina Fey, follows the main character Joe, an elementary music teacher in New York on his journey to the afterlife and to find his purpose.

Calling Joe someone with a fascination with jazz would be putting it lightly, as he truly loves music and is aspiring to be a jazz artist when he falls into a manhole that puts his life in danger and sending him to “The Great Beyond.” Unwilling to accept his fate, Joe fights to get back to his life in order to get to the jazz gig that he thinks is his life’s purpose. 

Soul appears to have opened the eyes and hearts of its viewers and helped them to understand that your purpose in life is not what you are good at, but what you do for others that makes our existence meaningful. 

Although Soul was not heavily advertised and did not have a renowned cast, the movie did well receiving a 95% Rotten Tomatoes rating for its powerful and inspiring message which is followed up by high ratings by IMDb and Metacritic. There are many positive reviews about the movie’s graphics, the soundtrack and beautiful scenery that contribute to the film’s touching moral lesson as well as its beauty.

Soul was overall a great movie with an amazing soundtrack and a touching feel to it. I believe that this movie was very underrated. I thought that the way the movie showed Joe sacrificing so much for his dream only to realize that just for that one goal he was hurting those around him was especially profound.