Update: Winter Contact Sports to Start Monday


This photo was taken at the regional championship girls basketball game March 13th, 2019.

Yesterday’s new MDHHS release provided further details of bringing back winter contact sports. During the release, Governor Gretchen Whitmer provided an official statement that allows contact sports to start February 8th. 

“We continue to make progress in reducing cases and hospitalizations, helping protect our families and frontline workers and saving lives,” Governor Gretchen Whitmer said. “Now, starting February 8, contact sports can resume with safety measures in place.”

Before this release, ice hockey, boys and girls basketball, wrestling, and competitive cheerleading were set to start after February 21st.

According to the new order, sports can be played as long as the players are wearing masks during both games and practices. They must also maintain social distancing when not actively playing or practicing.  For contact sports that cannot remain masked, players must be COVID-19 tested consistently. Lastly, sports such as swim and dive that can continue to be played non-contact can continue with no changes.

Throughout the Press release, Whitmer provided the information behind her decision of re-opening contact sports.

“Michigan continues to be a national leader in fighting this virus, and we must continue using a fact-based approach so we can return to a strong economy and normal day-to-day activities,” She said. “One of the most important things Michiganders can do is to make a plan to get the safe and effective vaccine when it’s available to you. And as always, mask up and maintain 6 feet of social distancing. We all have a personal responsibility to slow the spread of the virus so we can end this pandemic together.”