Animated Christmas Special Reviews


Garfield Christmas Special

The show starts with Garfield opening his Christmas gift from his owner Jon, which happens to be a mind-reading machine that gives whatever the receiver is thinking. The next scene is Garfield’s owner waking him up on Christmas Eve to go to his grandma’s house. At first, Garfield is unhappy and confused because his grandma usually comes to his house, but when they arrive at her house and Garfield sees all the food, his worries begin to fade. Throughout the show, they complete different Christmas festivities such as decorating the tree, singing carols, and another round of gift giving that ends in a sweet surprise for his widow grandmother.

My favorite character in this film was Garfield because his commentary is so funny and sarcastic. I liked this film because it was lighthearted and humorous. My favorite part was Garfield perks up when arriving at his grandma’s house after being grumpy the whole way there. I would recommend this film to anyone who is looking for a good laugh or anyone looking to watch a Christmas movie with little kids.


The Smurfs Christmas Special

This short starts with all the smurfs preparing and decorating for the holidays. The next scene is of the evil Gargamel, who hates Christmas and all the happy smurfs, planning to destroy Christmas. Gargamel was working on brewing a potion to destroy the smurfs when two little kids came to his door with a crashed sleigh and a plea for help after their sleigh and grandpa had been attacked by wolves. At first he slammed the door on their faces, but eventually a strange man appeared and told him he could give Gargamel the power to destroy the smurfs in exchange for the children. While he is busy taking the deal, the Smurfs meet the children and try to help them find their sled and help their grandpa. Eventually there is a trap, and the smurfs are left to save the kids and keep their spirits up.

My favorite character in the film is Papa Smurf because he is so pure and knows how to solve problems. I liked watching this film more than the Garfield one because there was more of a plot. My favorite part was the opening scene when they were all decorating, singing and making pudding. I disliked how selfish, creepy and two-faced the evil guys were, but I would still recommend this film to anyone who likes animated Christmas movies because it’s light, entertaining and enjoyable.