Holiday Cheer to Look Different in 2020: Insight on COVID-19 Going into the Holidays


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With COVID-19 at the helm with everything we do, it’s important to stay safe and use certain precautionary measures during the upcoming holiday season. Chris Woodward, a former x-ray technologist and teacher who poured his heart out into the medical field, has decided to lay everything out on the table— that is, give his advice and thoughts on the Coronavirus and its effects. Due to his medical knowledge, and nearly 15 years of experience in hospitals, Chris Woodward has a lot to say about COVID-19, and how it’s being handled. 

“My formal health science training gives me greater insight than the average American,” Woodward said. “I believe I have a deeper understanding of the gravity of the situation.”

When asked about his thoughts on if the pandemic is going to have another skyrocket in numbers, his reply seemed grim.

“Absolutely, ” Woodward responded. “The CDC has predicted multiple times that another rise in numbers will happen. Americans have proven their lack of self restraint, and the upswing has already begun. We are a ‘me’ culture, not a ‘we’ culture. Thus, we are self serving, and this leads to certain behaviors.”

Mr. Woodward went on to explain how Americans are failing each other as a society and how when one link is weak, the chain breaks. With over 230,000 deaths from the Coronavirus, he said it seems our chain has broken, and the best we can do now is to try and build a new one by taking care of ourselves and others. Woodward explained the most effective way we can “build a new chain” is by wearing our masks, social distancing, and following CDC guidelines. 

According to Woodward, it’s going to be hard to get through the holidays while staying safe.

“Forced isolation and the dangers of meeting face to face will result in downtrodden holiday celebrations.” Mr. Woodward continued to say that this, however, is needed in order to keep us and other Americans alive and well.

When asked about what he was worried about for the upcoming holiday season, his response was “the flagrant disregard for COVID-19 restrictions by others, which may infect my oldest family members, and result in serious illness or death.”

Chris Woodward gave advice on what to do to stay safe.

“Practice all safety precautions provided by the CDC,” He said. “Each person should be self disciplined when spending time with others by wearing masks and social distancing. To prepare, I myself have been stockpiling toilet paper, water, personal protective equipment, and teaching my family the best way to minimize the spread.”

Woodward also touched on his feelings and mental state during the pandemic and gave some recommendations 

“It has been hard to keep up my spirits, and avoid depression and isolation,” he admitted. “I suggest spending time with family or doing things you enjoy to keep your mind at ease the best you can.”

It’s going to be hard to have happy holidays this year. However, we as a country need to keep in mind that it won’t last forever.

“As long as we follow safety measures and such, America should come out of this stronger, as a people,” Woodward said.