Movie Review: Hubie Halloween


Hubie Halloween is a new Netflix original movie featuring a number of recognizable stars including Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Noah Schapp, and Payton List. The film takes place on October 31st in Salem, Massachusetts, where Hubie is known around the town for his love for Halloween and how much he contributes to it each year. This year is a little different, though. Hubie has an investigation to do after he finds out his friends are slowly disappearing as the day goes on.

Hubie Halloween was a movie that got a lot of hype due to its cast. All the young kids said it would be “the movie that will save 2020.” Everybody expected the movie to get really good reviews only based on the cast,  but the reviews did not turn out so good. IMDb rated the movie a 5.2/10, Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 48% rating and Common Sense Media rated it 2 out 5 stars. A lot of people did not like the role that Adam Sandler played. He plays a character who requires the voice that Adam Sandler is iconic for, but moviegoers did not like how he went over the top on this one. Hubie Halloween was a very hyped up movie, but I think it’s safe to say that it did not save 2020.