2020-21 Student Council Results Are In


Student Council election winners have been announced, along with the results of a three-way tie between senior class representatives. Student Body President-Elect Peggy Smith (’21) is already planning for the upcoming school year.

“I have lots of goals for next school year,” she said. “Last year, we all worked hard on our fundraising initiative, and I hope that we can keep that same drive as a group. Also, I want to work to make Council a less exclusive group. The student body has leaders they can trust, and we just need to make sure we, as representatives, speak for other students and their hopes, not just our own.”

Cabinet Officers

Student Body President: Peggy Smith (’21)

Student Body Vice President: Michael Struk (’22)

Student Body Secretary: Erin Dusenbury (’22)

Student Body Treasurer: Stella Moore (’22)


Senior Class (‘21)

Class President: Sierra Martinez-Kratz

Lauren Allison

Zack Chalogianis

Evan Eidt

Jordan Fansler

Andrea Kowalski

April Montoye

Kate Vanderspool

Maddie Dunlap


Junior Class (‘22)

Class President: Evan Sing

Sage Barney

Nina Faupel

Kate Gaiser

Lily June

McKenna Major

Sophie Mitchell

Elena Nestale

Kendall Spink


Sophomore Class (‘23)

Class President: Benny Greenstein

Juniper Breese

Madison Majeske

Mya Purdy

Elijah Ratliff

Jordan Siefert

Laney Smith

Sierra Suntheimer

Sarah Tillman


Freshman Class (‘24)

Class President: Keegan Van Batavia

Vice President: Isabella Murphy 

Secretary: Lillian Snyder

Treasurer: Addie McCarthy

Gabriella Basar

Trilian Krug

Caroline Knight

Jenna Ouelette

Grace Ratliff