Creative Feature: Aislynn Mayree


Fayth Frazier, Bleu Print Staff

Aislynn Mayree (‘20) uses her struggles and triumphs to fuel her writing by tapping into critical moments and memories associated with self-healing. 

“Writing is really an outlet for emotions,” Mayree said. “It can be a way for others to heal and broaden their perspectives.”

Mayree tries to write whenever she is hurting as it helps her heal. Writing, Mayree said, opens the world up to become her own which is easier to look at than the real world. She writes eloquently and ambiguously, to capture how she feels when she feels it. 

“I’m inspired by emotion, nature and all things powerful,” Mayree expressed. She uses powerful words to make the difficult topics easier to digest for a reader, to hold that feeling front and center. 

Mayree has advice for young writers, she wants to make it clear that you should try to read your own work from the audience’s perspectives. She said, doing so will make sure you articulate how you feel effectively, and you shouldn’t be afraid to put all your feelings on the paper. 

Mayree wants to accomplish many things with her writing, she especially wants to make readers feel inspired to write comfortably and fully about their lives without feeling judged or repressed. 

“I hope for everyone to live confidentially when rising from their experiences,” Mayree said. 

Untitled by Aislynn Mayree

It has been so long

since we have carried

between the two of us

the kind of strength that could pull the sun

back into the sky 

after it has set

and I know 

that so little of what was 

will convey into tomorrow,

but I will still look for you there.