Bulldog of the Week: Abigail Shore


Ready for something new, Abigail Shore (‘20) is looking forward to leaving small towns behind in college and starting the next chapter in her life.

“I work at Clear Lake Grill in Grass Lake,” Shore said. “It’s so fun, the people there are so nice, it’s a great first job.”

Shore has been working since junior year and successfully balancing her academics and work. Shore has an academic honor award as well as a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd-year academic letter.

“I didn’t like chemistry,” Shore explained. “That was really hard for me because it was a mix of science and math; I like them both, just not together.”

Luckily for Shore, her career choice doesn’t involve too much of either. Her plan is to attend Eastern Michigan University for nursing, where she has already been accepted.

“I liked biology and Bio 2, that was kind of fun,” Shore said. “I’m planning on going into the medical field. I want to be a nurse and so I thought maybe if I took the classes, I’d be able to find out a little bit more what it’s going to be like the classes I might take in college.”

From her four years here at CHS, Shore has some insight into the school and community. One thing she doesn’t like about Chelsea is how small the town is. Shore thinks that “it’s kind of scary, they know everything about you.” 

Right now Shore is focused on her future. She said, “I want to be able to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in nursing. So then after that, hopefully, I’ll be a registered nurse and work in a hospital. I’ll do that for a few years and then I want to travel. It doesn’t have to have anything to do with nursing, but just, in general, I want to travel the world.”

Shore has lots of advice for students, “just take the classes that you want to take,” she said. To seniors, Shore says only, “good luck.”

“My life goal is to be happy,” Shore said.