Winter Carnival Info 2020


This photo was taken pre-COVID-19.

Spirit week 

Student council has come up with some crazy activities for 2020’s Winter Carnival spirit week. Also, prepare yourself for wacky games that will be going on during your lunch. Get ready to compete against other students around you the week before the dance, and, of course, each hall will be decked out with space related themes. 

Everyday during lunch there will be a fun game for all students to participate in if they choose. This gives all students an opportunity to get hype for winter carnival, not like they already won’t be of course. Friday will be continuing the yearly tradition of attempting to create a pyramid with as many students as each grade can get. With only four days of school the week before winter carnival, one of the games that will be played is a rocket ship toss. Students will make a paper airplane and toss it as far as they can. Another game is a moon pie eating contest. Students will have to eat a moon pie as fast as they can before everybody else finishes. Two other games that will be played are ping pong and of course a giant Kahoot. 

This year student council has decided to decorate the halls as space related themes. Each hall will be different styles, but each hall will have the same theme that’s out of this world. 

Senior hall: solar system and black/purple

Junior hall: aliens and green

Sophomore hall: NASA and red

Freshmen hall: stars and yellow/orange

Dress up days will be better than ever this year. Student council has come up with unique and fun styles for all students to dress up as. 

Tuesday: Pj day

Wednesday: Class theme 

Thursday: College T-shirt day 

Friday: Blue and Gold day 

With the creation of the Chelsea excellence awards in 2018 Winter Carnival received a new award as well: the Chelsea Spirit award. The goal of this award was to remedy the glaring issues with the idea of having a winter carnival king. 

“The Spirit Award is meant to be a more laid back award that gives some attention to students who are charismatic and who have a lot of school spirit,” Student council advisor Adam Schilt said. 

Voting for the award is going to begin Wednesday, Feb 12th and one winner will be selected Thursday Feb 13th. These nominated candidates will represent their class throughout spirit week. They’ll compete in all spirit week lunch time events, be judged daily for their spirit week outfit, and compete in at least one of the pep rally games to gain points for their class. 

The candidate who earns the most points by the end of the week will obtain the spirit award, which consists of a $50 visa gift card as well as free entry to the upcoming mini victor-thon in March. 

This new award gives each class an opportunity to show their school spirit and show each other grade what they’re made of. 

Pep Rally 

Chelsea’s Winter Carnival spirit week is almost here, and with that, a truly iconic hallmark of the high school spirit: the pep rally. The rally will be held on Friday, February 21st. The high school will be shortening classes to hold it at the end of the school day. 

The student council has been working hard to prepare for this year’s events; all of which coincide with the overall theme of “Outer Space.” As the pep rally is one specific event in spirit week, the student council creates a special committee of students to create and run the event. The big power behind this committee would be its co-chairs, Lily Maynard (‘20) and Elijah Ratliff (‘23).

Planning for events like a pep rally takes a lot of effort according to both Ratliff and Maynard. There are a lot of separate elements to align, and the ever present goal of ensuring the student body has fun makes for no easy feat.

“As co-chair of the pep rally committee, I have many different tasks,” Maynard said. “I make sure that the games are approved, and I get all of the supplies together. I also have to find the MC’s, a person to sing the national anthem, and contact those who are needed to make the event happen. Additionally, I delegate the transitions needed for each event we have planned, make sure that nothing falls through the day of the event, and just try to make everything run smoothly.”

It is thanks to the committee’s hard work that CHS really gets to relax and enjoy the pep rally. A big part of student enjoyment just happens to be the games Maynard mentioned.

“The first game will be for the spirit champion candidates,” Maynard said. “It will be a tic tac toe relay! Next is a game of half court basketball, and then we have the cheerleaders performing. Afterwards, there will be a game of musical chairs and we’ll close off the event with a classic game of dodgeball.” 

The committee tried hard to come up with ideas that would please the crowd, and be fun to participate in. Maynard hopes that this set of games will “spark the fun in the crowd,” and get more students involved.

“As far as student participation goes,” Ratliff said. “I think that students should just see that everybody is being a little crazy, and that they should just lower their dignity a little to join the rest of us. I think they’ll find that they actually have a really good time. Also winning a game is a huge source of class pride, plus bragging rights among your peers. I think those should be reasons enough to participate.”