Creative Feature: Hannah Shooshanian


Each week, Bleu Print will feature a creative writing piece written by a CHS student. This weekly series is open to all CHS students who want to share their creative writing. Check back Wednesdays for the next installment in the series. 

Rebel Girl

by Hannah Shooshanian, CHS Freshman


In heaven, horses are running.

 A thundering stampede

Moving in complete unison

 Shaking the ground beneath. 

Their manes flowing in the breeze

 Their whinny calling to her—calling to me.

That rebel girl chasing after her stallions

 Understanding on a different level 

She hears the neighs 

 She hears their hooves 

Riding on the backs of these beautiful beasts 

 She feels free

She prays for all the fallen ponies 

 The greatest sorrows come with no ease 

The work that she puts into all those bucking ponies 

  Many think her crazy 

Many call her the horse lady 

  These labels never meant anything to her 

Never going for the placing 

  Always going for the memories 

 Any day that part of her soul was lost with every fallen pony

  That rebel girl riding in the heavens 

On the back of the horse she holds so dear

  She leads a thundering stampede 

Running faster the lightning 

  They paint the sky 

Sometimes she can still hear their neighs

  She lays up at night 

And that rebel girl cries