Snow Storm Leads to Canceled School on Tuesday


A massive snowstorm swept across the Midwest on Monday, leaving any amount from three to twelve inches of accumulated snow in its wake.

Over the weekend as the storm was brewing, rumors of a school cancellation on Monday circulated, but the rumors did not amount to a Monday snow day. School was in session in Chelsea despite the prediction of the Snow Day Calculator website, a source that has become somewhat controversial as to its credibility among students. 

“It said there was a 99% chance of a snow day, and we still had school,” Alexa Schumann (‘20) said.

For almost the entirety of Monday, snow accumulated outside classroom windows, and students were hopeful for a snow day on the following day. A phone call to students’ households around nine o’clock P.M. on Monday night confirmed that school would be cancelled for Tuesday due to inclement back-road conditions.

“After Monday was so bad,  I can see why school administrators didn’t want a repeat of that, because a lot of people got into car accidents,” Sarah Gilbreath (‘20) said.

Despite hazardous back-road conditions, it seemed as if roads in downtown Chelsea were fine, as some students went about their business as if it were a usual day away from school.

“I was able to take advantage of the snow day, and I worked on the yearbook cover for a little bit, I went to the gym, and I watched a movie,” Gilbreath said.

Refreshed from their day off, students have returned for the rest of their four-day school week, and there is much hope for more snow and future school cancellations. Some say that Mother Nature should bring it on.

“Let it snow,” Gilbreath said.