Halloween Spirit Days Announced


Student Council has planned a Halloween Spirit Week for October 28th-November 1st.

“We did a Halloween spirit week last year but it wasn’t as pushed out as much as it could have been,” Cabinet PR representative Stella Moore said. “I’m excited for this year because I think we’ll have a lot more people dressing up.”

Student council is hoping for student support of the spirit week in order to keep the recent tradition alive. The days were decided by a student vote on PowerSchool Learning. Costumes must adhere to the dress code and may not include masks.

“Personally, Halloween is my favorite holiday because I love how creative and fun it is,” Moore said. “I’m excited to have a whole week to celebrate it and can’t wait to see everyone’s outfits!”

Spirit Week Days:

Monday: PJ Day

Tuesday: Sweater Weather

Wednesday: Movie-themed outfit

Thursday: Halloween costumes

Friday: Flannel Friday