While Rounding Out the Series, Did Avengers: Endgame’s Characters Fall Short?


Not only does Avengers: Endgame tie up many loose ends of the Avengers series, it leaves certain questions unanswered. There’s a balance between both, giving fans a chance to look forward to future movies and still feel like the movie was a conclusion. As a whole, Endgame was a strong ending to such a popular series, but some characters’ conclusions fell flat when compared to their dynamic pasts.

Captain America’s final scene is the best example of this. I’m not saying that he doesn’t deserve a happy ending with the love of his life, but Captain America’s abandonment of the 21st century for Peggy Carter felt like a betrayal of his story. His entire character arc was working towards him adjusting to a new world, along with finding someone else he could love. Not only did his character development stop, it went all the way back to square one. While Steve Rogers deserved a fulfilling ending, the one he was given felt like it denied him exactly that.

The Russos made a similar mistake with fan-loved Spider-Man. Instead of undoing his character arc, however, they lacked it completely. Spider-Man has been popular with multiple generations, with a range of actors playing in him. Tom Holland’s Spider-Man has been integrated into the rest of the Avengers team, which has added a piece that always seemed to be missing. However, his character relies completely on Tony Stark now, and he’s no longer an everyday school kid who just happens to be a superhero. He receives full benefits from Stark, which is less relatable to the audience that saw him once as just a kid that got lucky.

Another character who’s arc sparked controversy for fans was Thor. While he was entertaining, being fat shouldn’t be made into a joke, especially when he gained it when struggling with mental illness. After he killed Thanos, he was left grieving and blaming himself for the results of Thanos’ actions. This seemed to be a comical addition to the movie, but if inspected a little closer, it’s terrible for him to be mocked while going through the things he does.

Despite the movie’s many character flaws, however, there is one powerful person who got a fitting ending: Black Widow. Her part in this movie is phenomenal. She manages to pull together her family again after having gone so long without one, and makes a fitting and ultimate sacrifice for them. In a heart-wrenching fight between her and her best friend, Hawkeye, she dies so he can save the world and return to his wife and children. It allows her final scene to show how possible it is to become a hero, regardless of a dark past.

This movie touched the hearts of millions of people around the world, tying up almost all the loose ends, whether in satisfactory ways or not. But people still have questions, especially regarding a critical part of the MCU that was missing. There was no post-credits scene. This is the first time in the Avengers franchise that there hasn’t been one, which is supposed to represent the ending of the story and the series. But some people believe it is because they don’t want to expose an upcoming secret project. Speculations about future movies are being made by fans, who are curious to see how and if the franchise will continue.

Now an amazing team has taken its possible final bow, which seems impossible still based on the sheer impact of this series. So many characters have come and gone, changed for better or worse. No matter the flaws of the movie, nothing can take away the power that this team had both in their universe and ours. At least we can say that we love them 3000.