Pierce Park to Undergo Renovations This Summer


Pierce Park is being renovated around June of 2019 and the rock is being moved 15 feet from its current location.

The park has been there for years and, according to the city manager, John Hanifan, changing it feels right.

“It’s a great park, but a lot of the features have been there for decades,” he said. “It’s not so much of a renovation as it is a modernization.”

The renovations will start in June to give time for the weather in Chelsea to warm-up.

“The renovations should take until about a year from now,” Hanifan said. “There be some additional renovations after that.”

The primary changes will include a new pathway and an additional gazebo.

Within the park, there is a rock that people in Chelsea can paint for events like birthdays and celebrations, and it’s being moved 15 ft. north.

“The change will enhance its visibility,” Hanifan said.

Bella Verardi, a high school student who has lived in Chelsea her whole life, used to go to the park growing up because it’s right next to Twister’s. She commented on how the renovations make her feel.

“I think it’s fine just the way it is,” she said. “But, I think that if it’s being renovated there’s a reason it’s being renovated.”

Bella said that she thinks the only reason people would be upset is because it’s not the same as it was when they were growing up.

Conflicting feelings about the changes may draw more people in, however.

“I think it’ll draw more attention, and people will do a double-take,” she said. “They’ll say ‘Oh, it looks a little different, let’s stop off here and take a peek.’”