Counselors Work To Fix Delays In Office


Counselors are now aware of the delays in the counseling office and discussed the issue during a staff meeting on Tuesday, December 18th.

During the past few months, the counseling office has had delays in getting students in. These students have problems ranging from scheduling errors to personal troubles.

“We try to make ourselves visible,” counselor Jason Murphy said.

Although counselors are trying their hardest to see students, delays happen.

“Most of the stuff we do here is behind the scenes,” Murphy said.

Counselors often have a schedule similar to teachers at CHS, with four classes and one planning period. Counselors are also responsible for supervising lunches on Wednesdays and have staff meetings which take up part of their time.

Not only do the counselors help with scheduling and college prep, but they are busy helping the kids in crisis. Murphy mentioned that in his many years of counseling, the number of kids who are struggling has gone up drastically.

“We’ve been working very hard,” Murphy mentioned.

Teens are able to reach out to the counselors while they are in the halls or are in their offices. A student can make an appointment to see a counselor by going into their Haiku account and selecting a drop down tab. If students are in crisis and need immediate help or support, they are encouraged to walk in and they will get someone to see you as soon as possible.

“I try to see kids in the first 24 hours,” Murphy said.

The office was unaware of the delays. Counselors didn’t know that teens were struggling to find someone to speak to. A senior who is a frequent visitor of the counseling office spoke about how she didn’t notice a major delay, but is aware that things happen. She, just like others, understood that the staff can be very busy.

“They are working hard. And I can tell,” she said.