Senior Ends His Season Due to a Broken Shin


When someone encounters senior Nolan Law, the first thing to notice is his smile and welcoming demeanor. The respectful kindness is unmistakable, and everyone who meets him knows this. That’s why it was so heartbreaking to see Law go down, falling onto the cold turf, and carried away in an ambulance.

Nolan Law broke his shin on Saturday, September 29th, ending his senior season permanently.

“It kinda shocked me that my senior season was ended in such a horrible game,” Nolan said.

The play happened very fast for everyone attending. At one moment, the running back was sprinting, while Nolan, the offensive guard, ran in front. Then, in the blink of an eye, a linebacker tackled the two. They were down.

“I was looking downfield and the running back was running right behind me with the ball… the outside linebacker saw… so he dove at my leg thinking he’d start piling, take us both down, but he dove at my leg and I felt my leg snap,” Law said.

As this all went down, senior Holden Monica watched helplessly as his teammate fell to the ground.

“The linebacker on their team dove…and his helmet went right [into] his shin… he went down crawling and screaming,” Monica said. “It didn’t look like he hit him hard, he must’ve just hit him in the right spot.”

The play, a power run, was carried out perfectly at first. The running back had the ball, running at full speed, racing to get as far as he can as the offensive guards protected the runner. But when Nolan fell, things changed.

“I got put in an ambulance on the turf, then [I was] transferred me to another ambulance on another side of the field, and then I went right to [the University of Michigan]. I was worried about my hockey season [at the time] because I’ve been playing hockey for fifteen years.”

Law will be in a boot for roughly four more weeks, then he will be in physical therapy for at least a month. With this said, the doctors predict he will be better by hockey season.

“[If I were in that position] I would be devastated, I mean, that’s not even… halfway through the season and you are out with a broken leg for the rest of the year… that’d be my last season,” Monica said.

“It’s kinda heartbreaking to see one play that you do two hundred times all of a sudden go wrong,” Nolan said.

The team took a loss when their senior player left for the season, however, the show had to go on, according to Coach Lucas. He said the team will miss Nolan, and he is glad Nolan will be able to play his last season of hockey.