Halloween Spirit Week: A New CHS Tradition


Halloween spirit week this year is adding on a new Chelsea tradition for students to an already well-celebrated holiday. Student council decided to add a Halloween spirit week for the first time in order to get people more excited about Halloween.

Halloween Spirit week will take place during Halloween week and will have different themes each day. Monday will be spooky sock day, Tuesday will be Halloween color day, Wednesday will be costume day, Thursday will be Thanksgiving day, and Friday will be festive Friday. Thanksgiving day and Festive Friday were added because after Wednesday Halloween would be over. Student council still wanted to make a full “spirit week” and decided on adding two more days that were not Halloween related.

Peggy Smith, Sophomore class secretary, says the spirit week will be a mix of Homecoming and Winter Carnival. She also thinks that bringing in a new spirit week will bring in a new and exciting change. “We felt that there was just a lack of events that, you know, we’re bringing all the student body and we feel like this is a great way to get people pumped up for Halloween again because most people don’t dress up or get in the spirit. People just sometimes think they [spirit weeks] just get old. And I think we’re really trying to bring in new things.”

Payton Doan, the Spirit Chair on Cabinet for CHS Student Council, came up with the idea to hold a spirit week. “We just figured that we wanted to have another spirit week to spice things up,” says Doan. “I think it will make student council and the school more spirited”. She also says that she “likes the hype involved around Halloween,” and wanted to make it more apparent in the school.

Student council hopes that having a spirit week will allow more students to actually dress up for Halloween. Wednesday is costume day because it is actually Halloween and the class that dresses up the most will earn the most points for that day, which will help them win the spirit week. The class that participates the most will win. “I think that a lot of the seniors will dress up because they always want to win spirit week,” says Sophomore representative Evan Eidt.

Other Halloween plans around town include trick or treating from 5:30-7:30, apple cider and donuts at the Cole Funeral Home, a no-carve pumpkin contest at the Chelsea District Library, and more.  Some of these activities have become traditions that have been around for years and are an important part of Chelsea. Many students also seem to plan on just staying home or going to parties.

Although many teenagers are typically not expected to go out trick or treating while dressed up or even celebrate Halloween in general, some are using younger siblings as an excuse. “I might be going with my little sister because I like to stack up on candy,”  says Smith. “I personally think you should do whatever you want.”