Student Spotlight: Veronica Blissick, a Believer in Opinion


Bella Andreski, Bleu Print Staff

At Chelsea High School, sophomore Veronica Blissick is a student who gets things done and makes things happen. She encourages change and wants the opinions of others to be heard. Not many people are aware of the effort she puts into everyday life and what she does. She has the passion to speak her mind and ignore the way others would treat her because of her opinions.


She is a passionate and outdoor-loving teenager with a heart of gold. When she isn’t at school, she can be found outside fishing and hunting, and loves golfing. She loves these hobbies because she can do them for the rest of her life long after her teenage years. Veronica is also an avid writer, participating in Creative Writing Club to get her work out into the world.


Along with her hobbies, she is extremely passionate about her schooling. Not only does she care about how she is doing in school, but she cares for the school as a whole. “I feel like Chelsea High School doesn’t have enough diversity of thought, and I wish people would be more aware of other people’s opinions.” She wants unconventional viewpoints to be viewed as equal and doesn’t want students to agree with stereotypes about a person because of their opinion. She says it’s important to consider all perspectives.


Having your voice heard is a top priority for this young women. She believes that different opinions is just what our school needs to accept. “Healthy debate is okay, but it’s definitely not okay when someone feels sorry for having an opinion.” When people share their opinions, the world can change, and that’s something the world really needs.


She believes in the strength of diversity of thought. So many students have valid opinions, and it’s just a matter of deciding whether people will listen to them or not. Not being afraid of voicing opinions is something Veronica supports wholeheartedly. There are lots of wonderful people and voices at Chelsea High School, and listening is one of the easiest ways to promote change in our world.