Company C.’s Auditions Look Promising This Year


Music has always been big part of the Chelsea community, and the music department here at CHS has taken it to the next level. Company C, or Co. C, is a show choir directed by Steven Hinz who works with the choir and talented high school singers.


Mr. Hinz has been the vocal music director for 29 years in Chelsea. He works with choirs all over Michigan and brings joy to his students and helps them reach their full potential through performing. He started Co. C because he wanted to “establish inspirational and enjoyable classrooms where a balanced delivery of instruction challenges the advanced students while embracing the needs of the novice musician.”He has done more than that. Most Co. C members can contest that Mr. Hinz and the amazing group of people in Co. C have changed their lives for the better.


Co. C is a “big group of people working together to make great musical shows happen.” The program is for anyone who wants to improve their choir career or is just looking to have fun. Each year the members of Co. C work tirelessly, often spending near 5 hours some days rehearsing. Recently there were auditions for Co. C and, unsurprisingly, lot of people showed up to try out. Melody Stone, a prospective member says she was very impressed by the welcoming nature of everyone present. “It was really cool, and everyone there was really supportive,” she says.


Even with a overall supportive environment, though, tryouts for girls especially was very intense. “The selection process was super competitive for girls to get in, because more girls tried out, and Hinz wants it to be evenly balanced. It makes it more difficult but fun in different aspects if I were to describe it,” Stone says.


There are about 36 people in Co. C, which can be intimidating, but all of the group members still love it. “Don’t get super discouraged, if you want something, try your hardest and go for it.”