What to Know About CHS’ New Assistant Principal


For most students, daily life is the same. We spend the day with the same people, with the same teachers, in the same classes, and we don’t pay much attention to those who work outside our bubble. To us, the people we don’t know are just extras. But Dr. Strong, Chelsea High School’s new assistant principal, is more than just an extra.


Dr. Luman Strong has been working in the Chelsea School District since 1997 and has helped in every school in the community.  Most recently he was the principal at North Creek, where he stayed for two years. He has been a part of the lives of every student here. In addition to his experience in Chelsea, he has also traveled outside of the country to work spending two years in South Korea, working at an international Christian school. While in Asia, he helped the school become accredited, which he says is one of his biggest accomplishments. “...I helped this very small school get accredited for the first time, so accreditation for a school is a very big deal, especially for a private school because it shows that they are a legitimate learning/education institution.”


Dr. Strong can often be seen giving smiles in the halls, and anyone can tell that he’s passionate about what he does. “…I thought to some of the people that made the biggest difference in my life, and they were teachers… I thought about what job works with people and can make a difference in people’s lives, and teacher and education were what came to mind.” The students of CHS are lucky to have someone who values the relationships that can grow from a job like his. When asked what he’s most proud of, he responded with, “It isn’t really something you can wrap your hands around. [Working at the school] is more just developing the relationships and trust of students and teachers on an everyday basis.”


Dr. Strong is a kind, passionate, and fun person to be around. He can relate to teens without coming off as fake, and he provides advice that anyone could benefit from. His final piece of wisdom is one that all students should take to heart during their last years of adolescence: “Enjoy each and every day, each moment, because time is vapor.”