New Store Opening in CHS Commons


There’s #LotsInStoreCHS students! Mr. Scheese is working with the school to open a new store in the commons. He plans to work with food services to create a store with “quick grab and go drinks, snacks, and maybe eventually sandwiches!” Waiting in the lunch lines can take way too long, so he wants to create this quick and easier option.

The new store will not only have quick and easy snacks, but there will also be a fundraiser side to it. Multiple days a week, they will offer things like coffee, pop, and candy to go towards different fundraisers classes or students might have. Scheese is also hoping to work with graphic design so they can sell student made apparel. The store will be run by his Marketing class, and he hopes it will be open by the first or second week of the 2018 school year. Once it’s up and running, it will be open Monday through Friday in the mornings and during lunch times.

“A store like this is something I’ve been wanting to do for 20 years,” Scheese said. He hopes it will make things faster for everyone and give a hands on experience for people in the Marketing class. Once it gets started, he believes they will be able to keep adding to it with more food options and more apparel. He hopes that one day it might even be like “a little convenience store.”

Everyone should send their name ideas for the new store opening in the commons to @CHSBleuPrint with #LotsInStoreCHS! They will be accepting name ideas until May 18th, and the ideas will be posted for voting on the following week; then, the winner will be announced!