StuCo General Elections


Listed below is a preview of the candidates for the Student Council General Elections; each student is running for a representative position for his or her respective class. If elected, some of these leaders will serve their class as Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer, while others will serve in the representative role. Each student may vote for up to 5 candidates, and the top 8 will be elected to Student Council. Polls open at midnight on Thursday, May 10, and close at 8:00pm on the same day. Vote wisely!


Briana Hay: “I am committed to making actual changes to the school and not allowing our student council to sit by passively. I am hear to act as YOUR voice and help lead the change you want to see in our school. I will dedicate my time, energy, and efforts to making our senior year as perfect and memorable as possible”

Madilynn O’Hara: “If elected, I promise to improve the connection between the student body and council and will make your concerns student council’s top priority. As a member of many clubs and organizations at this school, I will make sure that equal representation goes to everyone, no matter what club you’re involved in, what sport you play, or even if you’re not involved at all, and I guarantee to make your voice heard. I have experience leading this council to success and have dedicated myself to student council since freshman year, so take the right step and vote for this rep!”

Remy Sturt: “My effective communication skills have contributed to my successes in leadership as both a member of the Chelsea High School Student Council and other positions requiring influence. Throughout my first three years on student council, I have served as a chair or co-chair on the Dance Committee for each Homecoming and Winter Carnival dance. As we work to close the gap between the needs and desires of the student body and Student Council, it is necessary that a team consisting of effective communicators are selected.”

Jacqueline Taylor: “My effective organizational skills and experience are bound to bring Student Council’s presence and activities within CHS to a whole new level next year! Don’t pass up the opportunity to add some fun energy and passion to boost your class through its Senior year! I am a hard worker who believes in getting things done the right way while paying close attention to the details. You have the power to make your 2018-2019 school year one to remember! Vote for your experienced and eager candidate, Jacqueline Taylor!”

Caitlin Dusenbury: “I was on Cabinet this past year, so I have experience with how things run and on the relevant issues going on right now. I am also involved in other activities such as Vice President of Key Club and a youth group leader at my church. This has developed my communication and leadership skills which will help me serve as a Representative for the senior class.”

Wes Wickens: “Although I have never served on student council before, I think there are a lot of changes students attending Chelsea High would like to see that I would be happy to facilitate. From school lunches constantly running out of food before serving everyone, to the ineffectiveness of the student parking lot cameras, to the digital clock upstairs that no one can ever read because of the glare of the sunlight, I believe there are many changes student council should be able to bring about throughout Chelsea High School. Student Council shouldn’t be a place where ideas remain ideas, Student Council should be a place where real change occurs and ideas are brought to life.”

Payton Doan: “What is often spoken about, however hardly ever implemented, is Student Council being the outlet for the Chelsea High School Students’ concerns, requests and comments regarding the way CHS operates relative to the students. In an effort to bridge the gap between the student body and their representation from Council, it is vital to develop a greater presence within the school community, and accurately represent the student body. What I aspire to see and create within Council next year, rather than purely organizing dances and pep rallies, is members actually serving as a representative avenue for the student body to present their school-related issues with which the Council members will appropriately address and collaborate with administration in order to produce an effective solution.”

Abby Merrill: “In order to make a positive impact on the school in the upcoming school year, I would like to put an end to bullying whether that be cyber bullying or something as serious as harassment.”

Aaron McDaniels: “If elected representative, I promise that I will listen to the desires of the students and be a proactive member of student council who acts only in the best interest of the school. It will be my responsibility to put your ideas into action in order to make a positive difference at CHS.”

Spencer Smith: “I am a good choice for representative due to the three years of experience of being on council. I have been an active member since Freshman year, attending every meeting and fundraiser I can. If elected, I promise to bring to light issues that you as the student body feel as important and to resolve them in a way beneficial to everyone.”

Alayna Seaberg: “I feel that having a larger, more apparent presence in our school is vital to making the correct and most beneficial changes necessary. With the inclusion of more social media presence and advertising throughout the school, (i.e posters, announcements, teacher involvement, haiku polls, etc.) students will have more of an outlet to state their opinions and propose changes. I feel it is up to CHS Student Council to actively regulate these platforms in order to be receiving constant feedback.”

Jacob Smedshammer: “Among the issues of Chelsea High School, I believe student body representation and the attendance bonus are those of greatest controversy. As student council is a representation of the student body, student council should carry out these voices from the rest of the students. To achieve this, one viable option could be haiku surveys for students to voice their issues, perspectives, or questions for student council.”


Rory Krause: As a representative of the junior class in the 2018-2019 school year, I will be organized and persistent in fundraising and bettering our class. If elected, I look forward to improving Chelsea’s school environment.

Mallery Bee: “As someone who has served on Council for two years, I’ve learned a lot of valuable skills such as organization, multitasking, and leadership. As your representative, I will make sure that you have a voice on Student Council and that the changes that you want to see are enacted. I will work hard to make Council a successful place where everyone has equal representation.”

Myranda Montoye: “To answer your question, I decided to run for student council elections, because I want to provide a new point of view for our class council. Generally, we’ve had the same people on council every year, and I believe that we need a new point of view and new ideas in order to have a successful junior year. I hope to be elected so I can bring the ideas and opinions of the student body to council, as well as share ideas for planning an amazing junior prom!”

Gabriel Vowles: “I would like to see the full council discussing more of what the student body deems important and their concerns than what just the individual people in council want.”

Sarah Gilbreath: “As someone who has not been apart of student council before, I know that representation is something that needs to be improved. If I were to be elected, I would work to make sure that every student feels that they can make suggestions and feel like their voice has weight to it.”

Reece Doss: “One change I would like to see among our school is for student council to promote a stronger message around having a clean environment and school surrounding. Creating new ways to conserve our waste and pick up after ourselves creates a better environment for the students and the community.”

Jaron Iannelli: “A change that I would like to see happen in Chelsea High School would be the lack of awareness of the students about student council because I have witnessed student council work very hard on projects like; Prom, Homecoming, Winter Carnival, and Matchmaker, but the students of Chelsea High School don’t really seem to notice all the effort that goes into events like such.”

Daniel Golding: “If elected representative I will keep up the good work I have put in through my last two years on student council! I plan to keep be as active in the council as possible! I also plan on trying to push free parking in the commons and to make our class prom a ton of fun and worth the ticket!”

Riley Davis: “I would like to see more efforts to make all sports and clubs of the same importance. Right now, a lot of focus is on the “main things” such as boys football and basketball whereas things like theater and many sports predominately taken up by females are somewhat ignored.”

Owen Fahle: “If I were elected class representative, I promise to make to make your life easier and less stressful. If you want anything done, you can come to me at any time if I’m elected. So if you want your stressful high school life to be just a bit easier, I gotchu. Also I think I’m a pretty helpful guy, so if you need help, I got you covered (unless it’s art-related).”

Lilian Maynard: “As a 2 year representative of our 2020 class I will still make sure that all voices are heard, that we help the community as much as we can, and that we have a BOMB AS FRICK PROM! It would make me so tremendously happy if you chose me to represent this class and it would be my joy to make all of our high school activities reach its full potential: such things include pep rallies, dances, fundraisers, and to be connected as a class. I hope you all have a wonderful day!!”

Kyle Mitchell: “I feel that the Student Council is often talking “to themselves” or the students with a GPA of 3.7 and higher. This is not a representation of who CHS is. The Student Council should always represent the entire student body, regardless of GPA, number of AP classes, or number of extracurricular activities. As a new face to Student Council, I would make a good effort to help change the presence.”

Emily Rosolowski: “If selected representative, I will help raise money for our prom, get the school more involved in activities and fundraisers including ones where you will get rewarded food if you win. I will listen and support your opinions and needs. I will bring your ideas to the table to help CHS become a fun and enjoyable place to be everyday.”

Sydney St. Amour: “Personally I want to see more fundraising/donating. For the donations council could ask for another dollar at the dance and donate the proceeds to Mott Children’s Hospital. For fundraising council could do a bake sale of some sort, because that could draw in a lot more money.”

Kyra Van Batavia: “If elected class representative, I will make CHS activities more fun, make sure your voices are heard and contribute my new ideas to make our junior year fantastic! For example I love to help decorate and plan events. I have many new ideas I’d love to share and potentially use such as new fundraisers and ways to make money for the school. If you elect me I promise to use my time and talents to make the rest of high school at CHS memorable!”

Jacqueline Wang: “It will be my honor to become a member of student council and contribute my ideas and actions to our class community. I am motivated to redeem myself to help needed students, organize fundraisers, be a role model among my classmates and set up a memorable prom. I love making positive changes and brighten people’s days, I think student council would be a perfect fit for me and will strengthen my leadership skills.”

Olivia Prodin: “One change I would like to see at CHS is having the profits from the parking passes go to student council. This is because they would know that the money was going to good use for something such as prom or color blast because these are events students love to be a part of. In addition, it would give student council a great amount of money to put towards making all their activities and prom as great as possible.”

Abbey Sexton: “As your class representative, I will work to make sure all voices are heard from our class so that our many opinions are heard and represented as a group of diverse students. I will work to make your voices and ideas into a reality, and I will work to make our school a better representation of what you, the students, want our school to look like for the future.”

Leah Burgess: “One change I would like to see at CHS is more student council members being active in student council. I know of peers who are on student council who don’t do their fair share or they take an easy way out. If I’m on student council I want to do my part and exceed expectations.”

Emily Chizek: “One way I will contribute to the student council matters will be by trying to include everyone. It seems that a lot of the debate and major topics that student council discusses is kept very enclosed in the council itself. I would like to see a change in that. I strive to include general students in the knowledge of what’s going on.”


Evan Eidt: “I will work to make the school an ideal environment for students to flourish in academics, athletics, the arts, and as individuals. I am committed to making a positive difference in our school.”

Maddie Dunlap: “With a year of experience under my belt, I feel completely ready to kick off sophomore year with Student Council. Knowing and experiencing Stu Co as well as day to day life in CHS lets me know how to join the two and get the student body what it needs. Your vote is a ticket to getting your voice heard, no matter what it has to say. “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”           -Wayne Gretzky -Michael Scott -Maddie Dunlap”

April Montoye: “Over the 17-18 school year, council as a whole has been discussing and starting to make many changes. We’ve written a whole new constitution for CHS Student Council and I’m hoping to see that put into place next year. However, another change I would like to see at CHS is to have more fundraisers for the Class of 2021.”

Peggy Smith: “As a student, I hear the thoughts and complaints of my fellow classmates in our day-to-day school days. As a council member, I try to take the words that they have to say and voice them to the council. This last year, StuCo has been trying to steer away from only being “a party planning committee.” Giving the students a voice through their class and cabinet representatives, the changes that Student Council could make hearing the opinions of the student body would be remarkable. As a representative, Student Council would be changed to be for the people, not just for their school dances.”

Andrea Kowalski: “I look forward to continuing my involvement in CHS Student Council as a Sophomore representative, contributing work ethic, responsibility, and creativity toward our class. Everybody can see, vote Kowalski!”

Jordan Fansler: “If elected as a representative, I promise to do what I can to get the students in the sophomore class what they want. I will make sure to listen and be aware of things that people want to change, and I will do my best to push for those changes.”

Robert Stump: “I think Chelsea High School is a fantastic school with lots of opportunities. Unfortunately, many of the school activities go unrecognized or have low participation. One positive change that I would like to see in Chelsea High School is creating a greater knowledge of all the clubs and extracurricular activities that are available for the students.”

Sierra Martinez-Kratz: “I believe that to get better representation and make Student Council more about focusing on what the students want for the school we should make Student Council more known to the student body. Each grade should know which students in their grade are on Council to talk to. This could be done by making a tab about Student Council on haiku. It could be for all grades to see when their class meeting is, in case they have a problem or statement they want to present to their representatives.”

Riley Thorburn: “I think one way to improve our presence at CHS is to advocate for better school spirit. As student council members, a lot of students will follow our lead, which is great because it embodies positive service.”

Kiegan Cavett: “As your Sophomore representative, I promise to do my best to help raise money and raise awareness to strong issues. I will fight for our classes beliefs and make sure everyone gets their opinion in.”

Owen Smith: “One change I would like to make to this school is the excused absence attendance bonus. I truly hate this because this punishes kids that care, and incentivizes people to come to school when they are sick.”