Art Spotlight: Lili Imboden’s Take on Wood Burning


When one thinks of art, one may think of a painting or drawing, maybe even ceramics or writing or some other, more conventional form of artistic work. There are not many individuals who would consider wood burning to be an art form. However, such people would soon be blown away by the unique work of senior Lili Imboden. Imboden took on this great feat in style, using a simple block of wood that would eventually morph into something grand. Wood burning is not as popular a form of art such as painting or drawing for various reasons, one of which being that fact that it is extremely hard to incorporate intricate details. However, Lili did a great job of that; her design hold an insane amount of detail, one that many beginners find it hard to achieve–though it was not too much of a feat for her. This was her first piece of wood burning and she did a phenomenal job. The blank space that Lili left on the wood adds to the design as whole as it makes the viewer pay closer attention to the little, finite details that she included at the bottom. Imboden also had to determine the amount of pressure she wanted to put on the wood while using fire tools in order to make sure that she got the right value–meaning the correct intensity of the burn. A project as successful as this one took about a few weeks to complete, but Lili’s patience and perseverance made it well worth it in the end.