Time’s Up


Women being taken advantage of, feeling voiceless, and standing back is starting to end with the rise of recent movements towards shining the light on sexual harassment and sexual assault. The Time’s Up Movement was founded on January 1 of this year at the Golden Globes; led by Reese Witherspoon, it seems to be retaining momentum with celebrities wearing white roses at the Grammy’s. The catalyst for this movement was the uncovering of Harvey Weinstein’s despicable treatment of women by exercising his powerful position over those perceived to be voiceless. Despite the horrible nature of Weinstein’s crimes, it has opened up an honest conversation, a significant silver lining, giving women courage to speak up against the wrongs done against them and most importantly feeling less afraid to do so because of mounting support and less fear of ridicule. Based on the response and the continued momentum of the Time’s Up Movement, it would not be a long shot to believe that 2018 may be the year where sexual harassment and assault are taken more seriously and more properly responded to. Unfortunately, victims of these crimes can be left behind in the emotional whirlwind, and sometimes not even receive the help or support they need. There is considerable hope for the future as more celebrities share their own stories and strong, eloquent women of everyday life do as well, blazing a path for those less willing to get help and share their own experiences. The Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund provides subsidized legal support for those who have encountered sexual harassment, abuse, or assault in the workplace. This year there will be: “No more silence. No more waiting. No more tolerance for discrimination, harassment, or abuse.”