Winter Carnival Preview


Senior Katelyn McKinley poses during a prep rally. Photo taken by Bennett Proegler

This year, the 2018 Winter Olympic Games will be held in Korea, but luckily for those of us who can’t travel half way across the world, a little slice of the action is coming right to our corner of town in Chelsea. To get ready for Winter Carnival, Chelsea High School is hosting its very own 2018 Winter Olympics, complete with an Olympic worthy spirit days, extreme Olympic competitions, and of course, the main event, the Winter Carnival Dance.

On Monday, February 5, we start out the Olympic spirit week strong with the most intense and grueling competition of them all: Pajama Day. All the most spirited among us know that fear of walking into school Monday morning, fresh off a relaxing weekend, waiting nervously to find solidarity in the slippers and onesies of our fellow comrades; but the nerves of those first few deciding moments are always worth the rush of victory when we stand up to be counted in fourth hour. The second spirit competition that we face is Tuesday–which will be a sports theme day, where students from each grade have to dress up like a different sport.  Then, scrounge up something classy from the back of your closet on Wednesday, because it’s dress up like a teacher day. You better be feeling patriotic for the third day of the week, because on Wednesday, we wear red, white and blue. Finally, to bring home the last leg of this 5 day relay, we will have blue and gold day on Friday. Blue and gold day is one of two days a year when it is our obligation to wear our school colors on our clothes, on our faces, in our hair, and in any way we physically can.

But we can’t forget about the competitions that also take place during lunch at every spirit week. This year, we will start out with Olympic style trivia. Then, on Tuesday, we will move on to that quintessential classic, the lunch time scavenger hunt.  Make sure you get out your shaking weights and your tennis shoes, because Wednesday will be an Olympic power walking competition. The rules are simple. Competitors must keep one foot on the ground at all times, and the foot you step with must be straight until your other foot passes it. Then, for those of us with agility and a steady hand, Thursday will be the cup stacking competition. And saving the best for last, Friday will be our favorite: the Human Pyramid.

Finally, to finish off our 2018 Chelsea Winter Carnival Olympics, we have the Winter Carnival pep rally. The competition will be intense for both students in the games and students in the crowd. With stakes so high at this last pep rally of the year, anything can happen. Will the seniors, our reigning champions, continue their streak to success? Or will there be an upset in the spirit of the classes? No matter what the outcome, classes and rivals will unite as one at the Winter Carnival dance that Saturday, February 10, to celebrate under the beautiful Olympic-worthy decorations.

Although it won’t involve any luging, figure skating, or biathlon, our 2018 Winter Carnival Olympics will be one for the ages, but only if we all buy into the fun. Take it from a girl who is graduating in a couple months; after coming to school day in and day out, you start to take for granted the community of people you get to be a part of in such an exciting time of your life. This will be my last spirit week here at Chelsea High School, and one of my last chances to really be a part of this group of people I’ve known since kindergarten. Of course there’s graduation, but that time is really just for the parents. Our time is in cheering on our class president to eat a piece of pie, or dressing up in full costume to win points for our class. Our time is when we smile at people in the hallways, sing the alma mater on the bus ride back to Chelsea, and support our friends in school performances.  Our time is in all the little days like these that add up to the 180 days in a school year. So even if it means we have to dress a little silly for a week, we should all show a little school spirit and make the best of the time that we have in Chelsea.