Horoscope: November



Don’t rush your work this month. You may become frustrated and feel like nothing is getting done fast enough, but it is important that you take your time. You will start something new this month that you won’t be good at right away, but keep at it. If you practice and act patient this month, it will pay off.


If you’re stubborn, this month will become increasingly difficult. You will be given a great opportunity, but you may need to compromise to succeed in it. You have great ambition, but you will simultaneously want to procrastinate. Do not! There might be a bump in the road later on, so get what you can done now.


You are going to have a great month if you stand your ground and act strong. If you tend to feel uncomfortable and nervous, that is okay. If you are feeling stressed maybe take the chance to read a new book. Stay in and relax, because pretty soon you’ll be too busy.


You could definitely open up more. You do so much for your friends and family, it’s time to take a break and address your own feelings. If you are feeling lost and like you have no direction right now, write down all of the things you love in your life and that will turn you around.


You think you’re funny, don’t you? Well you are, and that will be helpful over the next few weeks! If you stay positive and stay passionate, you should succeed in your upcoming projects.


You have been selling yourself short as of late. You can take on much more than you think you can. If your life seems boring or like you need a change, it just means that you are ready for bigger responsibilities. You should really watch what you eat this month, because you might get sick if you don’t.


If you can make it to the end of this next week, you can do anything. If your path crosses with ignorance or confrontation, stay open- minded and calm. Your patience will be tested soon.


Take three deep breaths. Remind yourself to live in the present and don’t worry about the future yet. You will have a great month if you don’t get in your own way. You’ll find a great outlet for creativity soon.


You will run into some luck this upcoming week. Do not spend money on anything extravagant this month, because soon you will wish you had saved up. Stay focused, but make sure to take some time for yourself this week.


Listen to what others are saying to you this week. You will be wrong soon, but it’s okay. You are going to succeed in your other endeavors. If you get frustrated, listen to music and enjoy some time with friends and family.


Don’t blow your fuse this week. A lot will frustrate you, but nothing will ever be as bad as it seems to be. You will not like your assignments, but you will do well. Keep yourself distracted and find someone to talk to.


Make sure to set your alarm earlier than you usually do this week, because it’s going to be really hard to get out of bed. You will be very tired, but once you get up, you will feel so much better. You’re going to have a lot of great ideas this month, so make sure to write them down. Don’t daydream too much, because you have a lot to do, but you won’t be so busy after this week.