Literally, Who Cares? A Take On Vaping


It’s not cool; I don’t get it.

Here’s the thing guys: vapes are like the fedoras of smoking. I’m sorry, I tried to observe the kid that smelled like Froot Loops at the football games. I watched them attempt their pathetic water magic. It’s not cool; I don’t get it.

Sure, acting like you’re a cloud is fun, but when actually witnessing vaping, it’s similar to seeing a little boy walking around with a toothpick in his mouth. It’s just kind of sad. We are like the weakest generation right now when it comes to edginess.

And really, what’s even worse is when I hear about the incidences of kids vaping in teachers’ classrooms. I mean, really? “I’m going to do water tricks with my vapor kazoo in this room, make it smell like the nasty flavor of my choosing, and it’s my turf now.” I know, you might be that kid that hasn’t really rebelled yet and wants to feel like they’re having fun in high school. There are cooler ways to rebel, guys. Please find a different way. The only things more cringe inducing are the anti-smoking ads with all the memes.