Ten Things You Must Have For Winter


1. Jacket It’s brisk–real brisk–here in Michigan. Mom is right, put on a coat.


2. Hat Don’t forget about your head! Your ears will thank you later on.


3. Gloves Much like a jacket and a hat, don’t let your poor fingers suffer because of your poor choices. Buy gloves; and no, not the finger-less kind. They’re pointless and not cool at all.


4. Boots Actual boots are needed during the winter, not Uggs. Get some cozy shoes on those tootsies.


5. Hot Chocolate You need a drink to warm you up during these cold months!  


6. Coffee This goes along with hot cocoa, but is really for the big kids of the world. However, do not become too dependent on coffee–it’s a dangerous game.  


7. Ice Scraper You cannot drive to school or work or anywhere when your car is covered in feet of snow or ice. I know it’s a pain, but go outside and clean it off!


8. Skates Use it at the rink or on a lake, skates are always a good investment.  


9. Holiday Spirit No one likes being around the Grinch! Get in the holiday mood, you curmudgeon.


10. Friends These are great to have any time of the year, but particularly nice to have during the holiday season.