Fall Musical Preview: The Addams Family


Meagan O'Hara

Julia S and Drew Vanderspool in Moments of Impact public performance.

The Addams Family is coming to Chelsea and they invite you to their reunion on November 10th and 11th! If you still like the spooky and fun Halloween vibe after the holiday has passed, this is the show for you.

Everyone who is involved has worked hard to bring you all of the familiar characters you know and love. Plus, you get to meet the different Addams Family ancestors who lived before our time! And this version has another twist: Wednesday (Madilynn O’Hara) has grown up and fallen in love with a more normal human named Lucas Beineke (Max Caselli). To keep peace, Wednesday trusts her father, Gomez (Charles Korner), to keep his first-ever secret from Morticia (Carolyn Pierce). Wednesday wants one normal evening to make sure the Beineke’s and Addams can get along before she tells her mother. Unfortunately, the Addams are not like other families. A normal evening turns into a chaotic mess that puts couples on the edge of trust.

In a fun-filled musical comedy with acrimonium, poems, singing, and dancing, we see what unfolds when you keep a secret. What happens to our beloved gang? Come see your friends in the cast, crew, and pit to support the theatre guild and have a fun night. Tickets are only $15 for adults and $10 for students!